Living In 3D

Prescott Church of the Nazarene | Living in 3D
Join us for an “All Church Study” beginning the week of March 5th through Palm Sunday April 9th. Together we will learn how to work where God is working, helping people respond to “God’s Invitation to Relationship and Mission”.

The 3 Ds are . . .

  • Developing Friendships
  • Discovering Stories
  • Discerning Appropriate Next Steps

We will begin this all church study by looking together at Luke 15 where Jesus communicates God’s #1 priority.

In the book of Acts we will explore together the stories in which God clearly led one person and guided them to help another person respond to his invitation to relationship and mission. We will also explore the power of story, other’s story, our story, and God’s story learning how our testimony shared at the right time in the right way can be used by God.

Each Sunday Morning’s message will introduce the theme for that week’s small groups. Pastor Brown will teach these 5- 20 minute small studies by DVD and the Host will facilitate the discussion, sharing, and prayer. Small groups meet 5 times through April 9th.

Week Date Scripture Theme
1 March 5th Luke 15 God’s Priority -The Parables of the Lost Coin, Sheep, and Son
2 March 12th Luke 15 Phillip & Ethiopian Eunuch
3 March 19th Acts 9 Saul & Ananias
4 March 26th Acts 10 Peter & Cornelius
5 April 2nd Matt 5:16 Let Your Light Shine
6 April 8th Card Board Testimony Preparation
7 April 9th John 4:39-42 Because of Our Testimony (Card Board Testimonies)
8 April 14th Good Friday Tenebrae Service
9 April 16th Easter Sunday