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Advent | Oh Lord Come

After 32 years of preaching advent messages it is hard to find a new way to approach this season. But this year God has helped me to go a bit deeper by looking at the traditional themes of Advent. Last Sunday we entered this season the way the early church would have by focusing, on the 2nd Coming of Jesus and the Preparation for his Coming through Repentance.
I asked you to examine yourselves and to ask this question from 1 Peter “What manner of person should I be in Holy conduct?”

I’ve been challenging myself and you to consider if my behavior is hastening the coming of Jesus by establishing his kingdom or hindering it?

You remember that phrase from the Lord’s prayer “Thy Kingdom Come, They Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” To begin to approach all of life with that prayer on our lips is what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, a Christian.

This morning I want to look at why Jesus came the first time and why he will come again. I did a study of the word “come” primarily the words Jesus used to describe his last and next “Coming”

We begin with Jesus words to Zacheus in Luke 9: “Today salvation has come to this house”.

I believe that this Sunday He speaks these same words to you and your house.

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