Come Alive!

1 Kings 17.17-24

Did you know?

  • Hope raised then suddenly shattered is incredibly painful.
  • It is not what happens to you but your response to that shapes your life.

The Widow’s Response

It is easy when we suffer to quickly forget the goodness of our friends, our family, our church, and God.

Elijah’s Response

  • Elijah did not try to justify himself
  • He totally identified with her pain & loss.
  • He said very little.
  • He wanted her to know and accept God.
  • Elijah extended himself until Revival came.

God, very God, alive, alert, active, at work in this man by his own presence and Spirit, had not only made the boy alive, but he had brought her alive too, to the living Lord. At last she had accepted not only Elijah, but even more important Elijah’s God.


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