Preached on March 6, 2016 by Pastor Ira Brown

Find Love and Passion Now

Romans 8:31-39

Passion can be defined as . . .

  1. Love or intimacy with an emphasis on the romantic.
  2. That which consumes us or drives us.
  3. Suffering when the reference is to Jesus Christ.

How can one word have so many different definitions? 

  1. All mankind was created for loving relationships.

Every part of our being is made to connect with people.

       Physically – Emotionally – Spiritually – Sin perverts the way God intended us to be intimate with one another. 

  1. We were also created to be in a close intimate relationship with God. Substitute passions end up poisoning us.
  2. We were all created to fulfill God’s purpose with passion. Motivated at a deep level working with God.

John 3:16, 15:12

  1. Jesus suffering, His passion, His purpose- His passion is the result of his love for us.

Romans 5:6

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