Student Ministries

nyi_one_logoOur purpose can basically be summed up like this: we want to be Jesus to a world that desperately needs a healing touch.What does it mean to be Jesus? This is a good question. One that would get many different answers from different people. But, at the core, we think it means seeking out ways to actually live the way Jesus lived, and this , at it’s core, means loving people.All people!So everyone is welcome to seek out what it means to live like Jesus alongside us. We strive to be honest with ourselves and with those around us and to meet everyone where they are, regardless of how they look, smell, think, etc. After all, we’re all seeking and growing right? And we believe this can be done together.


We desire to Reach students with the love of Christ, and Equip them for growth in Christ, so they can Worship God with the Church, Connect with other believers and Serve God by serving others.CORE VALUESReach, Equip,Worship,Connect, Serve

CROSS TRAINING  Wednesdays at 6:38 in the teen room.

. . . through a variety of video games and activities. You will experience a meaningful time of worship thorugh music and the weekly inspiring message. We make choices everyday, and we become our choices. Come and experience the right choices for the followers of Christ.

SUNDAY SCHOOL  Sundays at 9 am in the teen room.

An essential aspect of growing in faith is through the study of scripture. That is pretty much what this is about. A good knowledge of God’s written Word helps us put what we say we believe into practice. 


Christ loved and cared for the forgotten and the marginalized. He served the needy as if they were kings and queens. As Christ’s followers, we desire to do as Christ did. We are not perfect in this, but we do our best through the following regular outreach and service projects.

QUIZZING Wednesdays at 4:30pm during the school year.

If you are really into knowing the scripture, join our quiz team. Our teams travel once a month around Arizona to quiz other such teams on our district. For many years we have had top teams going to regional competitions in San Diego and then on to a world-wide quiz.